About us


BG INGENIERIE is a privatly owned family run company, created in 1999 by Guy BESNIER (working in card business since 1984), with the aim to develop small and medium solutions for card manufacturing.

Through the years, BG INGENIERIE developed several activities around cards, passports, and SMD technologies, in order to adapt the equipment and the services to the demands of its customers:

  • BGI CARDS: independent chip implanting services (any contact chip on any card body)
  • BGI EQUIPMENT: equipment manufacturer around cards (production and test), passports (test), eSIMs & SMD (programming and personalization)
  • MEDIABADGE : distributor and repaired center for cards printers (including consumable & accessories products)
  • BG SECURE : distributor of security products around the card (supplier of anti-RFID protection for contactless cards)

BG INGENIERIE proudly won in 2013 the National French Stars & Métiers “Prix de l’innovation technologique”, thanks to a specific development made for a customer.

Today, BG INGENIERIE has a worldwide recognition through BGI equipment installed in more than 60 countries.

BG Ingenierie, company developing solutions for card manufacturing


Through the years BG INGENIERIE has increased its activities with the aim to propose the best service as possible to its customers.

 BG Ingenierie history