BG INGENIERIE proposes different services in order to help you to work in full confidence with your products, throughout the years.


One team dedicated to customer satisfaction.



BG INGENIERIE has developed 80 equipment around e-Id, cards, passports world, following specific customer requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a particular demand or project. BG INGENIERIE works with full customer confidence for those specific projects or developments

All BGI equipment are designed, manufactured, calibrated and programmed at BG INGENIERIE Chateaubourg, France.



BG Ingenierie proposes several solutions of training.


Calibration, preventive maintenance

Our team provides calibration, maintenance and after sales support.

BGI strongly recommends to realize an equipment calibration and maintenance once a year, even if it not compulsory by the norm.


Warranty extension and after sales support

Do not hesitate to contact BGI sales department for a quote.


Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team for all your inquiries: