ELLIPSE EVC card quality control

Equipment reference : BGi199-EVC-QC
  • Equipment developed for ELLIPSE's EVC® technology
  • Automated display quality control on card
  • Up to 1440 units per hour
  • Using contact and contactless intefaces
ELLIPSE EVC card quality control
  • ELLIPSE EVC card quality control

EVC® technology card quality control


The BGi199-EVC-QC is an automated card quality control of EVC® dynamic security code.

It verifies the fonctionality of the display at the back of the chip as well as contast.


Features and description

  • Stand alone equipment with screen touch interface
  • Automated optical inspection of the display
  • Control made using contact and contactless interfaces
  • Stacker of 600 cards in input and 2x500 cards in output (OK-KO) + rejection bin



  • Possibility to add parametrical tests



  • Dimensions: 1750 x 600 x 1650mm
  • Weight: 170 kg