ICM adhesion

Equipment reference : BGi175B
  • Follows CQM 2022: tag #3058#, test method #8230#
  • Also called Back of card spot pressure
  • Test further than the norm
  • Optional driller tool to prepare the card
ICM adhesion
  • ICM adhesion
  • ICM adhesion

ICM adhesion test for smart cards

This equipment follows CQM 2022 tag #3058#, test method #8230# norm.

It is also known as Back of card spot pressure test.



  • Stand alone equipment with color screen touch interface
  • Graphic return of the test
  • Create and save up to 30 programming test sessions
  • Possibility to modify parameters to test futher than the norm
  • Tests for contact, magstripe, dual, combi and customized cards with embossed characters
  • Works with driller tool: BGI120C



  • Tool to perform GSM/SIM plug push



  • CQM2022:
    • Tag #3058# : Solidity – Adhesion of ICM to Card
    • Test method #8230#: Solidity- ICM Adhesion - Back of Card Spot Pressure Test
  • In conformity with CE directives



  • Dimensions: 350 x 330 x 730mm
  • Weight: 23 Kg


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