Semi-automated chip and biometric sensor implanting

Equipment reference : BGi051H4H
  • For smart card and biometric card production
  • Up to 550 units per hour
  • Used for contact, dual interface cards
Semi-automated chip and biometric sensor implanting

Chip and biometric sensor implanting for R&D, prototypes and small-medium runs

Semi-automated desktop equipment for smart card and biometric sensor implanting.

Compatible with ELLIPSE's EVC® technology.



  • Stand alone equipment with screen touch interface (50 programs in memory)
  • 4 independent pressing heads configurable in temperature, pressure and time
  • Automated pick & place and pressing
  • Quick change of pressing tool



  • Version with 1 to 4 heads



  • Dimensions: 750 x 620 x 550mm
  • Weight: 84 kg