Card manufacturing

BG INGENIERIE first activity has been chip implanting services specifically in small / medium series (from 1 to 50 000 cards). We have first developed a manual chip implanting production line dedicated to those small runs and using those equipment since 2000.

 They are also used in R&D for prototyping for FINGERPRINT SENSOR IMPLANTING, glue - chip - plastic validation.


Our desktop equipment allow to produce from 500 cards per hour, and are very easy and straight forward to use. Combine several of them and you can easily increase your production capacity to 1000, 1500..., 2500 cards per hour, keeping flexibility of production. Our production lab is today equipped with 2 chip punch, 1 SIM-GSM punch, 2 milling machines and 2 chip implanting machines, giving us a capacity production of more than 2 millions cards per year. Automatic compact equipment allow to produce from 1500 units per hour.


BG INGENIERIE proposes other manufacturing equipment such as GSM-SIM punch, chip and card programming machines, chip and card punching equipment, hotmelt tape laminator... For more information, follow the links below :