Automatic wrapping test

Equipment reference : BGI083C
  • Follows CQM 2020 TM-422 #8220#
  • Both 20 and 25mm radius on the same device
  • Option: Live antenna detection
  • Exists in manual solutions (x1 or x10)
Automatic wrapping test
  • Automatic wrapping test

Automatic wrapping test for smart cards

This equipment follows CQM2020 TM-422 #8220# norm.



  • Stand alone equipment with color screen touch interface
  • Automated solution with 5 tests positions
  • For contact, RFID, dual interface and combi cards



  • Live antenna detection for RFID, dual interface and combi cards (automatically increments test cycles)



  • Version of manual wrapping (x1) available: BGI083
  • Version of manual wrapping (x10) available: BGI083B



  • CQM2020: TM-422 #8220#
  • In conformity with CE directives



  • Dimensions: 640 x 440 x 380mm
  • Weight: 35 Kg


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