Manual desktop IC - SMD - eSIMs programming

Equipment reference : BGI180B
  • IC, SMD & eSIMs manual programmer
  • Prototypes and up to 1 500 units per hour
  • Up to 16 programming sockets
  • Multiple form factor
Manual desktop IC - SMD - eSIMs programming

Desktop programming system for IC, SMD and eSIMs

Manual equipment for SMD programming.



  • Stand alone equipment for IC, SMD and eSIMs programming
  • Manual pick & place of components from tape and tray
  • Pick and place of 8 components at once (more on demand)
  • Placement under programming sockets (up to 16 programming sockets)
  • Accepts various form factor: µSD, BGA, QFN, DFN, SOIC, PLCC...
  • Quick changeover time for socket and nozzle



  • From prototypes and up to 1 500uph
  • Perfect for R&D, demo during expo, development and POC



  • Dimensions: 420 x 420 x 140mm
  • Weight: 7 kg